Think: Facetime meets Zoom meets Twitter with end-to-end encryption and no surveilance - powered by the Web!

Twelephone is a revolutionary secure, peer-to-peer, web-based video chat and conferencing platform that runs on all web browsers and mobile devices - no downloads - no middleman - no tracking!
Legacy telecom companies provide dialtone to copper lines and wireless cellular networks. Twelephone is a new "twelecom" company providing dialtone to the Web by leveraging modern Web protocols and standards for signaling. This means that you can place twelephone video calls with the click of a simple link and answer twelephone calls via push notifications even when your browser is closed!
We provide 1:1 peer-to-peer branded video calls as well as peer-to-peer video conference meeting calls with up to 6 participants (including screen sharing)!
We leverage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and GitHub's directories as our phone book and we enable "contact pinning" for quick access to your frequently called friends, family, colleagues, and customers.
Being a modern twelecom company has its advantages such as leveraging Web services and offering embeddable features to other platforms. For instance, we now support closed captioning for hearing impaired users as well as a language translation engine allowing anyone to communicate with everyone regardless of language barriers. We also deliver "videomail" messages when users are unavailable to answer incoming calls.
Give Twelephone a try today - it's free! Sign-in with one of your social media accounts now.

Twelephone, inc.
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